Chet Childress ‘Bruised Brain-Cells 1’ 2017

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Chet Childress
‘Bruised Brain-Cells 1’
Recycled Beer Bags and Cardboard
21 x 20 cm

"The story to the art is that i was in Tucson Arizona living with my girlfriend and her dogs (Sandy, Andre and Zira). I hit my head bad skateboarding and was rushed to the hospital. I was fucked, so out of it, so scrambled and bruised. I had bruised my brain. Honestly. 10 days later I was casually biking around and stopped at a market for some supplies to cook dinner, once again I found myself in a hospital not knowing what had happened. Basically bruised... my girlfriend sandy took care of me for a months, she thought the old Chet was never coming back. I felt like a marshmellow. So I started doing these drawings, it gave me something to do. The patterns were helping put my brain back. It was an adult video game for me and helped pass time because, I really couldn't do much. Slowly I started getting better and the drawings started getting better so thats why they are called bruised brain-cells and honestly a year later my ear rings sometimes and I still feel very freaked out so you must go on and keep moving skateboarding, making art, riding a bicycle, hiking, anything to stay the fuck outside the box and think..."- Chet Childress